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While it’s not es­sen­tial to in­clude a pump and fil­tra­tion sys­tem in a pond, this con­ver­sion does in­clude one, mainly be­cause it sup­ports quite a high fish pop­u­la­tion, as well as pet ducks. So to keep the pond clean, a pump cir­cu­lates wa­ter from the pool up into a raised gravel bed, which grows a va­ri­ety of semi-aquatic plants, such as taro. As the wa­ter passes through the bed, the im­pu­ri­ties are ex­tracted by both the gravel and the plant roots, and the fil­tered wa­ter then trav­els back through a pipe into the pool.

4 The float­ing pads of wa­terlilies and lo­tus bring green­ery to the wa­ter’s sur­face – and then there’s the gor­geous sea­sonal flow­ers! They’re best grown in plas­tic pots at a depth of 30-60cm.

5 The pet ducks are now firmly es­tab­lished in their pond do­main.

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