EASY step-by-steps TO TURF LAY­ING

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Gather your sup­plies

• Turf un­der­lay soil • Turf-starter fer­tiliser • Rolls of turf

You’ll also need

Shovel or hoe; rake; sharp knife; lawn roller (op­tional)


These in­struc­tions use man­ual equip­ment for the ini­tial soil prepa­ra­tion. If you have a large area to re-turf, you can hire a turf-cut­ter to re­move the ex­ist­ing grass, and a ro­tary hoe to turn the soil over.

Here’s how

STEP 1 Re­move all ex­ist­ing turf and, us­ing a shovel or hoe, turn over the top­soil to a depth of about 10cm. Re­move any loose stones, roots or rub­ble. So that the lawn will end up level with other hard­scaped ar­eas of the gar­den (such as paths and pa­tios), ex­ca­vate suf­fi­cient soil to al­low for the depth of the turf, plus a layer of turf un­der­lay soil. STEP 2 Spread turf un­der­lay soil over the area, then rake it level. Scat­ter a turf-starter fer­tiliser over the en­tire soil sur­face.

STEP 3 Start­ing from a straight edge (such as along a path or gar­den bed), lay the first roll of turf, care­fully un­rolling it so you don’t tear it. Con­tinue across the area, press­ing each roll up against the pre­vi­ous one, and stag­ger­ing the end joins, just as you do with paving. It’s a good idea to stand on a plank as you work, so you don’t dis­turb your lev­elled soil bed.

STEP 4 Use a sharp knife to cut the turf to fit around ob­jects, or when you reach the perime­ters of the gar­den.

STEP 5 Press the turf into con­tact with the soil bed by walk­ing over it, tak­ing ex­tra care to press down well along the joins. Al­ter­na­tively, hire a lawn roller for this pur­pose.

STEP 6 Fi­nally, water the turf thor­oughly im­me­di­ately af­ter lay­ing. Water your new lawn ev­ery day or two for at least the first 4 weeks, while the turf roots are bind­ing with the soil be­low, and con­tinue to water fre­quently if the weather is hot. Once well es­tab­lished, lawns can sur­vive on just one wa­ter­ing per week for much of the year.

3 Water new turf lawns reg­u­larly while they’re es­tab­lish­ing, al­low­ing for any lo­cal water re­stric­tions which might ap­ply.

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