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Gather your sup­plies

7mm thick ply­wood, 50cm square Jig­saw

Oil-based primer

Dark green acrylic paint

Wire strip­pers

Elec­tric ca­ble

Wire cut­ters

Se­lec­tion of china

Tile nip­pers

Tile ad­he­sive

Coloured tile grout

You’ll also need

Trac­ing pa­per; pen­cil; PVA glue; paint­brush; brush; sand­pa­per; cloth; bradawl

Here’s how

STEP 1 Draw a sim­ple de­sign for a drag­on­fly onto the ply­wood (you can en­large the de­signs here to de­sired size on a pho­to­copier, then trace them). Cut out the de­sign us­ing the jig­saw and make 2 small hang­ing holes at the top of the body with a bradawl.

STEP 2 Seal the front with di­luted PVA glue and the back with primer. When dry, sand the back and paint with green acrylic paint. STEP 3 Strip elec­tric ca­ble and cut a short length of wire. Push this through the holes from the back and twist to­gether se­curely.

STEP 4 Cut the china into reg­u­lar shapes us­ing tile nip­pers. Dip each piece into tile ad­he­sive, scoop­ing up a thick layer, and press down se­curely on the ply­wood to fill in the de­sign. Leave to dry overnight.

STEP 5 Press coloured grout into the gaps be­tween the china. Leave it to dry for about 5 min­utes, then brush off the ex­cess. Leave for an­other 5 min­utes, then pol­ish with a cloth. Hang with suit­able fix­ings.




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