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Gather your sup­plies

Small ter­ra­cotta plant pot Pot sealer

4 ce­ramic tiles Pat­terned china plate Tile ad­he­sive Hand­ful of glass peb­bles Sanded grout

You’ll also need

Paint­brush; safety glasses; gloves; flex­i­ble knife; trowel; soft cloth; sand­pa­per; tile nip­pers; ham­mer

Here’s how

STEP 1 Ap­ply sealer to the in­side of the ter­ra­cotta plant pot with a paint­brush, then leave to dry.

STEP 2 Wear­ing safety glasses, break tiles and china with the ham­mer.

STEP 3 Wear­ing gloves and us­ing a plas­tic knife, spread a thin layer of ad­he­sive to a small area. Press mo­saic pieces and glass peb­bles into the ad­he­sive. Con­tinue un­til the pot is cov­ered. Leave to dry overnight.

STEP 4 Slather grout into the crevices of the mo­saic tiles with your gloved fin­ger­tips or trowel. Re­move ex­cess grout by wip­ing the mo­saic with a clean damp soft cloth. Again, leave the piece to dry overnight.

STEP 5 Use sand­pa­per to re­move any lumps of tile ad­he­sive or grout that may have dried onto the sur­face of the tiles, and to neaten the bot­tom edge of the pot.

STEP 6 Pol­ish the fin­ished mo­saic with a dry, soft cloth.



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