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CEIL­INGS A flat paint such as ceil­ing white is best as it hides any im­per­fec­tions in the ceil­ing. To see where you’ve painted and that the cov­er­age is even, shine a work light up onto the ceil­ing and use the re­flec­tion off the new paint to check your progress.

WALLS Low-sheen acrylics are the go-to paint here. They are quick dry­ing and any marks will gen­er­ally wipe off. A new trend is to use matt paint on walls, es­pe­cially as a fea­ture. While not as hard wear­ing, the lack of sheen adds a de­signer el­e­ment to a room.

TRIM AND DOORS Enamels are the paint to use here as they give you a tough fin­ish. Water-based enamels dry quickly but do not smooth as much as oil-based paints, so the brush marks will be more vis­i­ble. Semi-gloss is a pop­u­lar sheen level while full gloss paints are eas­ier to clean.

SPE­CIALTY PAINTS These are specif­i­cally de­signed for dif­fer­ent sur­faces and fin­ishes. Ex­am­ples are tile and lam­i­nate paints that will stick to these sur­faces, as well as ef­fects paints that give an an­tique or metal­lic look.

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