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Use treated pine sleep­ers to cre­ate a chunky gar­den path that’s a lot eas­ier to lay than pavers or con­crete.

Gather your sup­plies

• Base sleep­ers 200 x 75mm H4 treated pine sleep­ers • Slabs 200 x 50mm H4 treated pine sleep­ers • Plants (We used Lo­man­dra ‘Tanika’ and Vi­ola hed­er­acea)

You’ll also need

String­lines; road­base; wooden stakes (4); black ex­te­rior paint; paint­ing equip­ment; cir­cu­lar saw; drill; 5mm bit; 100mm gal­vanised bat­ten screws; wheel­bar­row; hose; gar­den soil; mulch

Here’s how

STEP 1 Set up a pair of string­lines along path area strung be­tween wooden stakes. Make each string­line 100mm in­side fin­ished width of path and at height of base sleep­ers, which is 50mm be­low fin­ished height of path. STEP 2 On in­side of string­lines, spread a layer of road­base about 250mm wide for base sleep­ers to sit on. Place sleep­ers on road­base and ad­just its depth so top of sleep­ers meet string­lines all the way along the path.

STEP 3 Ap­ply 2 coats of black ex­te­rior paint to

1 face and both edges of sleep­ers for path slabs. Al­low to dry be­tween coats.

STEP 4 On one side of path, re­set string­line to the line of the ends of the path slabs. Use a cir­cu­lar saw to cut sleep­ers for path slabs to length, here 800mm, then lay a few on top of base sleep­ers at 1 end of path. At 150mm from each end of slab, predrill us­ing 5mm drill bit then screw first slab to base sleeper with 100mm bat­ten screws. Leave screws clos­est to ad­join­ing slab proud of slab by about 20mm.

STEP 5 At other end of path, tem­po­rar­ily insert screws into base sleep­ers 50mm from the out­side edges. Run string­lines from these screws to the screws that are proud on the first slab. Screw re­main­ing slabs in place us­ing the string­lines as a guide so all your screws are straight. Leave a 10mm gap be­tween the slabs.

STEP 6 Con­tinue cut­ting, lay­ing and screw­ing slabs to base sleep­ers. Try to space the sleep­ers so you will end up with a full sleeper at the end of the path.

STEP 7 Hose top of path to clean. Fill gaps on ei­ther side of path with gar­den soil, then plant up. Mulch the soil, then wa­ter in the new plant­ings.







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