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Choose pure es­sen­tial oils for best re­sults. Many oils help with mul­ti­ple symp­toms. Oh, and be sure you ac­tu­ally like the scent – if you find it ob­nox­ious, it won’t have the de­sired ef­fect!

Sleep: laven­der, san­dal­wood, rose, gera­nium, va­le­rian, jas­mine.

Re­lax­ation: laven­der, vanilla, chamomile.

Stress re­lief: neroli, ylang ylang, frank­in­cense, or­ange.

Pain re­lief: laven­der, berg­amot, gera­nium, cin­na­mon.

Headaches: pep­per­mint, rose­mary, san­dal­wood, chamomile.

Con­ges­tion/si­nus/colds/ al­ler­gies: eu­ca­lyp­tus, pep­per­mint, tea tree, ju­niper.

Con­cen­tra­tion/fo­cus: frank­in­cense, rose­mary, sage, le­mon, cy­press, pine.

En­ergy: pep­per­mint, le­mon, grape­fruit, rose­mary, basil, lemon­grass, cin­na­mon, gin­ger.

Anx­i­ety: or­ange, lime, va­le­rian, jas­mine, frank­in­cense, sweet basil, berg­amot, clary sage.

Fa­tigue: cedar­wood, clove, black pep­per.

Hap­pi­ness: ve­tiver, wild or­ange, rose.

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