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does your pet’s bad breath stop you from show­ing your undy­ing love to your furry friend? Bad breath in pets is a sign of den­tal trou­ble, usu­ally caused by the build-up of plaque and tar­tar on teeth, lead­ing to in­flam­ma­tion and in­fec­tion of the gums.

Valen­tine’s Day is com­ing up and, be­fore you plan your spe­cial out­ing with your furry loved one, have your pet’s mouth ex­am­ined by a vet to check for dis­ease. An­tisep­tics may be needed to kill plaque bac­te­ria. You also need to brush your pet’s teeth us­ing a tooth­brush with soft bris­tles and tooth­paste de­signed for an­i­mals.

Give your pet some­thing to chew on, such as treats and ap­pro­pri­ate toys, to help re­duce plaque and tar­tar ac­cu­mu­la­tion. Never give your pet cooked bones as they are prone to splin­ter­ing and can cause gas­troin­testi­nal ob­struc­tion.

Rab­bits and guinea pigs’ teeth grow con­tin­u­ously through life and may not get enough to chew to wear their teeth down. These crit­ters may ben­e­fit from non-toxic wooden chew blocks in ad­di­tion to hay and grass in their diet.

Hav­ing your pet’s teeth checked an­nu­ally will help to de­tect den­tal dis­ease be­fore it pro­gresses, so you can shower your pet with kisses on Valen­tine’s Day and any other time of the year.

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