Your steps to screen print­ing

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Here’s how to screen print de­signs onto fab­ric pan­els to cre­ate your own tea tow­els, wall hang­ings and more.

Gather your sup­plies

• Frame

• Fab­ric • Screen print­ing inks • Squeegee

You’ll also need

Pen­cil; pa­per; craft knife; tape; spoon; hairdryer

For you to note

Paint is re­ferred to as ink for screen print­ing. You can buy it sep­a­rately or in a kit.

STEP 1 Draw de­sign on pa­per and cut out. Tape pa­per sten­cil to back of frame.

STEP 2 Put frame, sten­cil-side down, on fab­ric and spoon ink onto screen at top of de­sign.

STEP 3 Use squeegee to drag ink over the screen.

STEP 4 Lift frame off the de­sign in one smooth mo­tion to avoid smudg­ing the ink.

STEP 5 Dry ink with a hairdryer as you go to pre­vent smudges.




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