3 ways to great skin Reap the ben­e­fits from one of these fa­cials

For­get fillers and botox. Try one of these three fa­cials and you’ll in­stantly see great re­sults

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imag­ine if your skin looked so fresh and healthy, your wrin­kles no longer mat­tered. Well, here are two very dif­fer­ent pro­fes­sional fa­cials that are both game chang­ers, fol­lowed by a se­lec­tion of masks for DIY. Take a closer look.

1 Laser fa­cial

This is a re­sults-fo­cused, time­ef­fi­cient treat­ment per­formed by a doc­tor – but don’t be put off by the word laser. Although the fa­cial is not meant to be re­lax­ing, it’s not un­pleas­ant ei­ther. This laser-based treat­ment boosts the ben­e­fits of hav­ing a fa­cial every so of­ten. It ad­dresses each layer of the skin and cov­ers mul­ti­ple is­sues, in­clud­ing anti-age­ing, rosacea and pig­men­ta­tion. Af­ter­wards, your skin will glow and con­tinue to im­prove for days.


1 First, a YAG laser is used to tar­get the mid­dle layer (der­mis) of the skin and is great for pig­men­ta­tion and lu­mi­nos­ity.

2 Sec­ond, a laser ge­n­e­sis is

used to tar­get the deeper layer (hy­po­der­mis) and is great for col­la­gen stim­u­la­tion, tex­ture, pore min­imi­sa­tion and red­ness.

3 Fi­nally, a topi­cal peel is ap­plied to re­move the dead skin on the sur­face layer (epi­der­mis). To fin­ish the fa­cial,

a pro­tec­tive mois­turiser is ap­plied.

The op­tional ex­tra is the use of blue, red or yel­low LED lights, de­pend­ing on what your skin needs.

The cost for a fa­cial is $275 and it takes 30 min­utes.

For more in­for­ma­tion, go to con­cept­cos­met­icmedicine.com.au. Sim­i­lar laser treat­ments may be avail­able at other cos­metic medicine prac­tices.

2 QI fa­cial

This re­lax­ing fa­cial works on your qi (pro­nounced chi), the same en­ergy used by acupunc­tur­ists. It uses the en­er­getic prop­er­ties of hun­dreds of gold-plated mi­cro-mag­nets to cre­ate bridges be­tween acupunc­ture merid­i­ans.

The fa­cial helps to plump and tone the skin, and re­duce pore size, the ap­pear­ance of pig­men­ta­tion, bro­ken cap­il­lar­ies and the depth of wrin­kles. You’ll look ra­di­ant.


1 First your skin is assessed and

a per­son­alised qi face ma­trix is de­signed to stim­u­late the flow of qi within your ar­eas of con­cern.

2 The skin is then cleansed and

ex­fo­li­ated be­fore gold-plated mi­cro-mag­nets are placed on se­lected acupunc­ture points. The mag­nets cre­ate mag­netic fields for stim­u­lat­ing the en­ergy and help­ing to re­move block­ages. They stay in place for 30 min­utes. 3 Once the mag­nets are re­moved nour­ish­ing prod­ucts are ap­plied. There are also home-care kits avail­able to sup­port the qi stim­u­la­tion. This fa­cial starts from $180 and takes an hour. For more in­for­ma­tion, go to qibeauty.com.au.

3 DIY fa­cial

Masks im­prove the con­di­tion of your skin, and here are six of the best. Choose which one will serve your skin’s needs and use it once a week to give your­self a fa­cial.

1 Boost hy­dra­tion with a rich, creamy mask. It will deeply mois­turise dry, tired skin and bal­ance com­bi­na­tion and oily skin. Leave it on for at least 10 min­utes to give a surge of hy­dra­tion. Rosewater Hy­dra­tion Deep Hy­dra­tion Face Mask, $19.95, Na­tio.

2 Cleanse deeply with the aid of pure clays and the sooth­ing prop­er­ties of mal­low flower polyphe­nol. This mask de­tox­i­fies skin with­out dry­ing. Af­ter four weeks your com­plex­ion will ap­pear healthy and ra­di­ant. Pure Clay Sooth­ing Mask, $19.99, L’oréal Paris.

3 Im­prove re­ju­ve­na­tion with this pow­er­ful mix of retinol, col­la­gen and gly­colic acid. Ap­ply it at night and wake up to brighter, more en­er­gised and hy­drated skin. Beauty Sleep Power Peel, $129.95, Al­pha-h.

4 In­crease lu­mi­nos­ity and in­stantly re­fresh and brighten your skin. Use this un­der make-up or ap­ply at night with the ex­cess wiped off, not rinsed, af­ter 10-15 min­utes. Black Rose Cream Mask, $180, Sis­ley Paris.

5 Smooth tex­ture by re­mov­ing dead sur­face skin. This mask has white kaolin clay to ex­tract im­pu­ri­ties and help shrink the ap­pear­ance of pores, and sal­i­cylic acid, which ex­fo­li­ates and re­duces break­outs. Pu­rity Made Sim­ple Exfoliating Clay Mask, $48, Phi­los­o­phy.

6 Re­store strength to your skin by us­ing a mask in­fused with hyaluronic acid and a pro­bi­otic blend. To­gether they will op­ti­mise your skin’s re­newal process. Su­per­start Pro­bi­otic Boost Skin Re­newal Bio­cel­lu­lose Mask, $85 for four masks, Elizabeth Ar­den.

Get deeper re­sults with laser.

A per­son­alised qi ma­trix.

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