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This angled book­case seems to emerge from the wall, pro­vid­ing stor­age and the il­lu­sion of it, with space for toys and art sup­plies, and hand-drawn bits and bobs.

Gather your sup­plies

Back 2000 x 838 x 7mm Wide side 235 x 19 x 2090mm Nar­row side 42 x 19 x 2090mm Shelves 235 x 19 x 800mm

You’ll also need

PVA glue; drill; 3mm drill bit; 40mm wood screws; cir­cu­lar saw; com­bi­na­tion square; wood filler; fine sand­pa­per; un­der­coat; paint­ing gear; semi gloss white paint; black marker pen; painter’s tape

Here’s how

STEP 1 Glue, predrill with a 3mm bit and screw side pieces to long edges of back so they over­hang the bottom edge. The over­hang should be the same as the height of the skirt­ing board, here 90mm.

STEP 2 To cut shelves to shape, mea­sure 42mm along one end from a cor­ner and mark. Draw a line from here to the opposite cor­ner at the other end. Use cir­cu­lar saw to cut along this line.

STEP 4 Take 2 of the smaller sec­tions created by cutting the shelves then glue, predrill and screw to the back flush with each end.

STEP 5 Work­ing from the bottom, mea­sure and mark 3 shelf po­si­tions on sides 400mm apart.

STEP 6 Po­si­tion larger sec­tion created dur­ing cutting the shelf at 1 of the marked points. Use a com­bi­na­tion square to make it square to the edge of the side. Mark po­si­tion of top and bottom of shelf on back. Re­move shelf and drill holes along back be­tween the lines. Re­peat for all shelves.

STEP 7 Spread glue along edges of shelves and po­si­tion. Predrill and screw through sides into shelf.

STEP 8 Turn book­case assem­bly on its side. Predrill and screw through holes al­ready drilled in back into shelves.

STEP 9 Fill screw holes in sides, let dry then sand smooth. Re­move dust then ap­ply un­der­coat. Let dry, lightly sand, then ap­ply 2 coats of white paint. Al­low to dry af­ter each coat. STEP 10 Use black marker to draw lines along edges of sides and shelves. Also draw around in­side of the wide side be­tween each shelf. To draw the shelf at the top of the unit, use a strip of painter’s tape as a guide for the line of the shelf be­fore get­ting arty with its con­tents.

STEP 11 Notch the over­hang­ing ends of shelf sides to fit around skirt­ing. Place against wall, then screw through back into wall stud.

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