Look at the birdy!

At­tract our feath­ered friends to your gar­den with a sim­ple project and na­tive plants

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At­tract wildlife to your gar­den with a sim­ple bird feeder

Aus­tralia has an amaz­ing ar­ray of flora and fauna, so why not use one to at­tract the other? Us­ing found limbs and branches, you can cre­ate a bird feeder that’s rem­i­nis­cent of the bush – and by sur­round­ing it with a se­lec­tion of bird-at­tract­ing na­tives, your gar­den will be a riot of liv­ing colour.


Gather your sup­plies

• Tree limbs and branches in vary­ing thick­nesses

• 300mm pot saucers

• 6mm ma­rine ply­wood

You’ll also need 135cm star pick­ets; drill; 65mm bat­ten screws; knife; var­i­ous drill and spade bits; var­i­ous screws

Here’s how

STEP 1 To sup­port the limbs which will be the posts, drive star pick­ets into the ground so they’ll be hid­den be­hind the posts. Screw through the holes in the pick­ets into the posts with 65mm bat­ten screws. STEP 2 To make the branches, which will be hor­i­zon­tal roosts, fit into the posts, first use a sharp knife to whittle the end un­til it is a few mil­lime­tres nar­rower than a spade bit that is close to, but nar­rower than, the di­am­e­ter of the branch.

STEP 3 Use the spade bit to drill a hole in the post for the branch. In­sert the whit­tled end of the branch in the post, rest­ing the other end in a bough of the other post. Predrill and screw through the post into the branch.

STEP 4 Con­tinue adding more branches be­tween the posts to make even more roosts, drilling and screw­ing through the posts with suit­ably sized screws. There are no rules, just add branches to suit the look you want.

STEP 5 Screw pot saucers to the branches for seed and wa­ter dishes.

STEP 6 To cover the seed dishes, cut off the tops of the posts near the dishes and screw in a square piece of ma­rine ply. An­other op­tion is to cut a slot in the post and slide the cover in it be­fore screw­ing to an ad­ja­cent part of the post.


Build it and they will come! Fill your gar­den with all the colours of the rain­bow us­ing a sim­ple bird feeder. The cover over the seed tray pro­vides pro­tec­tion from preda­tors pounc­ing from above so the birds feel more com­fort­able. This year, the en­tire BHG TV team has some­thing spe­cial on the go, tak­ing a stan­dard sub­ur­ban house and gar­den built in the ’80s and trans­form­ing it from hum­drum to awe­some. This month, they’re build­ing a bush-themed bird feeder. Along the way, there’ll be loads of tips, tricks, ideas and in­spi­ra­tion that you can use on your home. Just keep an eye out for the sym­bol above!






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