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Gather your sup­plies

•184 x 19mm x 1.8m dressed pine (2)

• Plas­tic-coated screw hooks (3)

• White plas­tic outer pots (3)

• Twine

• Potted herbs (3)

You’ll also need

Cir­cu­lar saw; tape mea­sure; pen­cil; cord­less drill and 3mm bit; 50mm wood screws; pine wood filler; sand­pa­per; clear wa­ter-based var­nish; paint­brush; scis­sors

Here’s how

STEP 1 Cut 1 length of pine into two 900mm long pieces for top and base with cir­cu­lar saw.

STEP 2 Mea­sure, mark and cut two 600mm long pieces for sides from other length.

STEP 3 Butt sides into top and base, predrill into sides, then screw to­gether.

STEP 4 Use wood filler to fill screw holes, let dry then sand smooth.

STEP 5 Ap­ply 2 coats of clear var­nish to frame, al­low­ing to dry af­ter each coat.

STEP 6 Mark cen­tre of top on in­side with pen­cil and 2 spots ei­ther side at equal dis­tance from cen­tre. STEP 7 Predrill, then screw in the hooks.

STEP 8 Drill holes in op­po­site sides of white plas­tic outer pots.

STEP 9 Cut 3 lengths of twine about 600mm long and thread twine through holes in outer pots. Tie knots to se­cure.

STEP 10 Fill outer pots with potted herbs, then hang on hooks.

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