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The pomegranat­e bush grows in tem­per­ate to sub-trop­i­cal zones and likes short, mild win­ters and low hu­mid­ity. If your area gets frost, grow it in a con­tainer and move it in­doors in win­ter. It does best in full sun.


It is adapt­able to most soil types, but grows best in loamy soil with good drainage.


Wa­ter needs are low, and it can sur­vive drought for sev­eral years (but the har­vest will be smaller). Too much wa­ter causes the fruit to crack and re­duces fruit num­bers. The fruit tastes bet­ter after a long, hot, dry sum­mer.


Har­vest fruits when skins are a rich-red colour, feel heavy and sound metal­lic when tapped. Don’t pull off the fruit, as you may da­m­age it, but cut off with se­ca­teurs. Han­dle gen­tly as it bruises eas­ily.


It pro­duces lots of suck­ers. When it is a year old, se­lect one to six trunks to keep and prune the rest to the ground. Then prune lightly in early spring. Don’t trim all the branches in the same year. It fruits on shoots more than a year old.

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