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For cats to be happy and healthy in­doors, they need an en­vi­ron­ment that meets their phys­i­cal and men­tal health needs. Ex­er­cise keeps them alert, en­gaged and a healthy weight to help pre­vent di­a­betes and arthri­tis.


The Cat Pro­tec­tion So­ci­ety of NSW has a few tricks to en­ter­tain your kitty in­doors – and they’re not ex­pen­sive!

• Scratch­ing posts

• Boxes (you can never have enough!)

• In­stall a perch near a win­dow for your cat to watch (ta­bles also work).

• Play to­gether with teaser or fish­ing rod toys.

• Toi­let roll cores can be great treat dis­pensers! Fill with some bis­cuits, pinch the ends to­gether and in­sert a few holes so the bis­cuits will come out when the roll is pushed.

• Food puz­zles can keep your cat men­tally stim­u­lated!

• Groom your cat for re­lax­ation and bond­ing – and a healthy coat!

• Pro­vide in­ter­ac­tive toys when you’re not at home, like a ball maze.

• Aim for 30 min­utes of play time with your cat. For kit­tens, break it up into 10- to 15-minute blocks to sat­isfy their bursts of en­ergy.

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