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Low main­te­nance and low cost, you can fill an empty plot with wild­flow­ers just months af­ter you sow the seeds usu­ally in spring, although au­tumn is fine too.

But it’s not just a case of scat­ter­ing your seeds and wan­der­ing off. A lit­tle wild­flower gar­den is, in fact, quite con­trived.

Sow the seeds for tall flow­ers, such as fox­glove or Queen Anne’s lace, at the back of your beds, while ground-clingers, such as chamomile with its charm­ing lit­tle white daisies, and lawn thyme with its tiny laven­der buds, are lost if not placed in front.

And it’s not all about the flow­ers. Or­na­men­tal grasses with soft, slen­der leaves and long feath­ery flower stems – such as sil­ver grass (Mis­cant­hus sp) or foun­tain grass

(Pen­nise­tum sp) – add vol­ume, in­ter­est and a dif­fer­ent tex­ture.

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