Gather your sup­plies • 64 x 19mm dressed pine • 18mm con­cealed mag­netic latch (2 pairs) • 42 x 19mm dressed pine • 25mm Tas­ma­nian oak dowel • 100mm Easy Fit hinges (3) • 3mm chain • Cup hooks (2) You’ll also need Saw; PVA glue; 50mm screws; drill;

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Here’s how

STEP 1 Use the 64 x 19mm pine to build a frame to fit in­side the win­dow re­veal. Glue and screw it to­gether in the cor­ners.

STEP 2 On the side of the frame to­wards the top, drill a hole 8mm-deep us­ing an 18mm spade bit with mask­ing tape around it as a depth gauge. Mix epoxy ad­he­sive, spread on the back of one of the mag­netic latch pair and insert into the hole.

STEP 3 Insert frame into win­dow. Screw through sides of frame into win­dow re­veal to se­cure.

STEP 4 Cut lengths of 42 x 19mm pine to cre­ate a sec­ond frame to fit on the in­side of the frame in­stalled in the win­dow. Along the side pieces mea­sure and mark out for hang­ing rails. Equally space the rails along the sides, here 125mm apart. Use a 25mm spade bit to drill 5mm deep holes at each marked point.

STEP 5 Cut dowel to length to suit the width of your hang­ing frame, al­low­ing a bit ex­tra to go into the holes in the sides. Squirt a dab of PVA glue into the holes in the sides, insert the dowel then predrill and screw through sides into dowel. Re­peat for all dow­els and to at­tach other side to dow­els. Screw top and bot­tom to sides. STEP 6 Screw Easy Fit hinges to out­side face at bot­tom of hang­ing frame. Place in­side win­dow and screw hinges to bot­tom of win­dow frame. STEP 7 On the ex­ter­nal faces of the sides, re­peat Step 2 to in­stall other part of the mag­netic latch. Make sure the 2 parts of the latches align so it will hold the frame up when closed. STEP 8 Screw chain to sides of win­dow frame near mag­netic latch. Screw cup hook to in­side edge of side of win­dow frame about half­way up. Open frame and hook chain onto hook. Cut chain to length us­ing wire cut­ters. Re­peat to at­tach chain to other side of frame.








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