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Make a ver­ti­cal gar­den that dou­bles as a de­sign fea­ture by wall-mount­ing a sim­ple ply­wood box.

Gather your sup­plies

• Top 776 x 295 x 17mm form­ply

• Bot­tom 776 x 295 x 17mm form­ply

• Sides 1800 x 295 x 17mm form­ply

• Back 810 x 1800 x 18mm ma­rine ply

• Front fac­ing 846 x 270 x 18mm ma­rine ply

• Side fac­ing 295 x 270 x 18mm ma­rine ply

• 200mm re­in­forc­ing mesh

• Du­lux Con­crete Ef­fects paint in Onyx Edge

• 750mm wa­ter-saver planter

You’ll also need PVA glue; drill; coun­ter­sink­ing drill bit; 50mm screws; undercoat; paint­ing equip­ment; steel float; cloth; 600-grit sand­pa­per; nail gun and nails; wood putty; ex­te­rior clear coat­ing; spirit level; ma­sonry drill bit; ma­sonry screws; an­gle grinder fit­ted with a metal cut­ting blade; mesh clips; 20mm but­ton head screws; plant; pot­ting mix Here’s how

STEP 1 Spread glue along short edges of top and bot­tom. Butt into sides, predrill and screw us­ing 50mm screws to make a box.

STEP 2 Undercoat one face and long edges of back. Let dry. Pour con­crete ef­fects paint on undercoat. Use a steel float to spread the paint and smooth the sur­face. Hold the trowel at an an­gle and keep edge clean of paint by wip­ing reg­u­larly with a cloth. Leave to dry for 2 hours then ap­ply a sec­ond coat, fol­lowed by a third. When dry, pol­ish sur­face us­ing 600-grit sand­pa­per.

STEP 3 Place back, with painted side down, over box and align the edges. Predrill and screw back to box us­ing 50mm screws.

STEP 4 Nail front and side fac­ing to one end of box. Fill nail holes with putty, let dry, sand smooth. Ap­ply 2 coats ex­te­rior clear coat al­low­ing to dry af­ter each coat.

STEP 5 Hold grow box against wall and make level. Put prop un­der to hold it up. Predrill through box into wall us­ing a ma­sonry drill bit. Screw box to wall us­ing ma­sonry screws. Use at least 4 screws to hold it.

STEP 6 Use an­gle grinder to cut steel re­in­forc­ing mesh to size and insert into box. Fit mesh clips over the end and screw to top of box us­ing but­ton head screws. Leave a gap of about 25mm be­tween the mesh and the back of the box.

STEP 7 Insert planter into bot­tom of box, train the plant up the mesh, then fill trough with pot­ting mix.








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