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STEP 1 De­ter­mine where cen­tre of tim­ber studs are be­hind the plas­ter in the wall. Trans­fer to edge of shelf and use 16mm spade bit to drill 120mm deep holes in the shelf.

STEP 2 Squirt PVA glue into holes then tap lengths of dowel into each hole.

STEP 3 Round sharp edges at front of shelf with sand­pa­per, then ap­ply a coat of stain and var­nish with a cloth. Leave to dry.

STEP 4 Take an of­f­cut of the hard­wood and drill a 16mm hole through the cen­tre of it. Use this as a jig to drill the holes in the studs for the dow­els. Sit jig on top of tiles, align cen­tre of hole with stud on wall and drill a 16mm hole through it into the stud. Drill hole 80mm deep to suit 9omm deep studs. STEP 5 Check that depth of holes in wall is more than the dowel pro­trud­ing from the shelf and ad­just if re­quired. Squirt con­struc­tion ad­he­sive into wall holes, then in­sert dow­els. Push shelf hard against the wall and hold un­til the glue grabs.




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