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Be weed vig­i­lant. They steal wa­ter and nu­tri­ents from your plants.

Wa­ter on sandy soil drains away quickly, tak­ing nu­tri­ents with it, so you need to wa­ter and re­plen­ish nu­tri­ents more of­ten. Clay soil, which is high in nu­tri­ents, re­tains mois­ture for longer pe­ri­ods. In heavy clay soil, the wa­ter may lie in the soil’s air pock­ets for weeks and this can kill plants, es­pe­cially those that don’t like wet feet. So the wa­ter has been wasted. In both cases, dig or­ganic mat­ter into the top 15cm of your soil. This in­creases the wa­ter-hold­ing ca­pac­ity of your sandy soil and im­proves clay’s drainage and aer­a­tion.

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