Better Homes and Gardens (Australia) - - Courtyard Revival -

Set the scene for your makeover with a sig­na­ture piece that an­chors the space and gives you a colour palette to work with.

Gather your sup­plies

•2440 x 1220 x 18mm marine ply

•Tile primer and ad­he­sive

•200 x 200mm pat­terned tiles

•Re­cy­cled hard­wood

You’ll also need Cir­cu­lar saw; paint­brush; notched trowel; drill; var­i­ous screws

Here’s how

STEP 1 Use a cir­cu­lar saw to cut the marine ply into a rec­tan­gle 1500 x 900mm. STEP 2 Prime the ply and leave to dry. Layout your tile pat­tern to one side to make sure you’re happy with how it looks. Mix tile ad­he­sive, then spread it over the board with a notched trowel. Press the tiles into the ad­he­sive, mak­ing sure they are level with each other. Leave an even gap around the tiles for the border.

STEP 3 Cut rails from re­cy­cled hard­wood for the frame around the tiles. Mitre the joins in the cor­ners then sit the pieces on the ply and screw through the ply into the rails to hold them in place. STEP 4 Use an of­f­cut of the ply to make a split bat­ten to hold the tiled panel on the wall. Screw one half to the back of the panel and the other to the brick wall to suit the height you want the panel to be. Lift the tile panel on the wall so the split bat­tens meet.

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