Add an­other di­men­sion to your re­vival with a faux win­dow. All you need is a mir­ror, a cou­ple of lou­vre win­dow shut­ters, and a few lengths of new and re­cy­cled hard­wood.

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Gather your sup­plies

•Rec­tan­gu­lar mir­ror

•Hard­wood sleeper

•Re­cy­cled lou­vre win­dow shut­ters

•Re­cy­cled hard­wood

•Re­cy­cled fence pal­ing

You’ll also need Key­hole plates; neu­tral cure sil­i­cone; drill; ma­sonry bit; wall plugs; var­i­ous screws

Here’s how

STEP 1 If there are no mounts on the back of the mir­ror, as here, at­tach key­hole plates to the back us­ing neu­tral cure sil­i­cone. Drill, insert wall plugs and put screws in the wall to suit then hang the mir­ror.

STEP 2 Cut lengths of hard­wood sleeper to suit the height of the win­dow shut­ters. Pre-drill, insert wall plugs and screw tim­ber to brick wall, leav­ing a slight gap to the mir­ror.

STEP 3 Hold win­dow shut­ters against sleep­ers and screw in place.

STEP 4 Fix lengths of re­cy­cled hard­wood be­tween sleep­ers at top and bot­tom, and a re­cy­cled fence pal­ing to the bot­tom of the win­dow to act as the sill.

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