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Fin­ished size 49 x 21cm

Here’s how

STEP 1 Cut a piece of fab­ric to 51 x 70cm. Zigzag stitch around all edges.

(If you al­ready have a bol­ster insert, cut fab­ric to mea­sure length and cir­cum­fer­ence, then add 2cm seam al­lowances all around.)

STEP 2 To insert zipper, press un­der 2cm of seam edges on long sides. With right side fac­ing up, align one pressed edge with zipper teeth and pin in place. Us­ing zipper foot, stitch zipper to fab­ric, 5mm from teeth. Open zipper. Re­peat to stitch other side of zipper to other pressed edge of long side of bar­rel panel. STEP 3 To make pip­ing, re­fer to How to make and sew pip­ing (right). Us­ing scissors, snip 8mm into cut edge of pip­ing at 1cm in­ter­vals. Re­peat for other strip.

STEP 4 To make bol­ster ends, cut two 23cm cir­cles (the di­am­e­ter of the bol­ster plus 2cm seam al­lowance). Zigzag stitch around all edges. Work­ing on right side of fab­ric, pin snipped edge of pip­ing to cut edge of cir­cles. Us­ing zipper foot and 1cm seams, stitch around edge of cir­cle as close to pip­ing as pos­si­ble.

STEP 5 Work­ing on wrong sides and with 1cm seams, stitch bol­ster ends to bol­ster bar­rel, en­sur­ing zipper is open prior to stitch­ing sec­ond end for turn­ing through.

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