21/2 cups guaca mole(store-bought orseerecip­e­on­page74) 1cup­pi­code­gallo(store-bought orseerecip­e­on­page75) 1cupqueso(store-boughtor seerecipe­on­page75) 1cup­sal­saverde 1cup­sour­cream­spinachdip (store-bought orseerecip­e on page 75)

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royal gala or pin­klady) 1fresh fig,cutin­half 3/4cup­be­andip 3/4cupfren­cho­niondip 3/4cu­phum­mus(store-boughtor

seerecipe­on­page75) 6cups mul­ti­coloured­tor­tilla chips, di­vided by colour, if de­sired 2cups­bluecorn­tor­tillachips 2cups­bluecorn­scoopchips

2 cups flax multi­grain chips 2cups­ket­tle-cooked­pota­tochips 2cupspota­tochips 2cup­scornchips


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