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KNOWYOUR BREED Pant­ing helps dogskeep­cool. Flat-nose­types like pugs have ahard­er­time; th­ey­can’t move as muchairin and­out­oftheir m o ut hs. Als o, dogs withshort or­thin­coats may need­sun­screen. WATCH­FOR SIGNSOF HEATSTRESS Th­e­sein­clude ex­ces­sive pant­ing and­drool­ing, rest­less­ness, a n xi et y, un­steadi­ness, and­changein gu m or­tongue c ol o ur. ASKYOUR VETABOUT THERIGHT SUMMERCUT Don’tjust­shave off all y o ur d o g’s fur. Coatskeep petswarmin win­ter,bu­talso shield­them fromthe­sunand in­su­late against the­heat. Check wit h y o ur v et first and­con­sider usin­ga­groo mer.

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