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This­brick­her­itage­cot­tage­had­good­bone­san­datrim lit­tle­gar­den­thatjust­needed­abitoftidy­ing,replanting andzhoos­ing with­colouran­dac­ces­sories.

Start­by­takingout­the let­ter­boxand­build­ing asim­plepick­et­fencea­long thefront bound­ary, p ai nti n git tr a diti o n al w hit e, but makinga‘look-at- me’ state ment by paint­ingthe gate­sul­phuryel­low. Re­po­si­tion­thelet­ter­box on­the­fence. Theveran­dah­posts, fret­workandgar­age­door were­painted Mis­sion Brown,acolourhip­inthe 1970s,but­not­now.sand backan­drepaint­the­sea fash­ion­ablechar­coal­colour. Paintt wolarge pots the same­sul­phuryel­lowasthe gate,fill with­a­suc­cu­lent p o fti n g mi x, pl a nt wit h Mother-in-la w’stongue (Sansevieri­a sp)and­place ei­ther­side­ofthe win­dow.

Re movethecor­dy­line in frontofthe­win­dowto openupthe­house andtri mthet wo­lilly pilly tress­in­totidy balls. Digoutthea­gaves, trimthe­root­san­dreplant the­matthe­backof thebed. Plant­pit­tospo­rum (P. ‘Sil­ver­screen’)alongthe fence­andp.‘sil­ver­sheen’ alongth­e­garage wall. Putina win­dow­box and­plant with­pretty Aus­tralian na­tive cut-leaf daisy(brachyscom­e mul­ti­fida ). In­frontofthe­fence, plan­torna men­tal­grasses (Poasiebe­ri­ana,

P. l a bill a r di e ri ‘ E s k d al e’, P. poifor mis ‘ Kings­dale’) and more daisies.

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