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3 Way of do­ing so me­thing,tech­nique De­velop ment, grad­u­al­in­crease Pic­ture or dec­o­ra­tion made of s mallinlaid pieces of glass or stone Type­of­cloud

– Carey, popsinger Hand­joints

Ni­cole–, Big Lit­tle Lies ac­tress Co mplete­fail­ure, dis­as­ter Sub­stance used­for stiff­en­ing­clothes French­film­town Big­ship­for­car­ryin­goil Queens­land­town Fas­te­nanan­i­mal with­arope S mall con­tainer of stra wber­ries, 4 5

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Cere mony,rite Quick­look Shelle­drep­tile Head­o­fa­nun­nery Big­ger, greater Easy,facile

Hero of Gotha

Twofold, du­ple Suitable­foruse­asfood

Ad mire, value highly

Dirty, filthy Soak­thor­oughly Finger­sand­toes

For mal agree ment be­tween­states Trouser­stha­ten­dattheknee Pro­tected against dis­ease Vo­cal­ist

Carve a statue

Stir­ring or evok­ingstrong e mo­tions,touch­ing

Hu man be­ing, per­son m


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