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Fo­ry­ou­tonote Use2s­trands ofthread­for allofthest­itch­ing,and make sureyou work­i­nalarge em­broi­dery­hoop­to­keep your workneatan­de­ven.

Here’s ho w

STEP1 Tracethe3 en­larged deerte mplates (body,headand­face)onto fusible web­bing. Roughly cutout,leav­in­ga­nar­row bor­der­aroundthee­d­geof each piece.iron­the body and­face pieces onto fawn-coloured­felt,and the­head­onto white. STEP2 Cutout­the3felt pieces,tri m ming neatly all aroundthe­drawnout­lines. STEP3 Peeloffthe pa­per back­ing,leav­ing you with­felt pieces ready­toassem­ble. STEP 4 Iron­in­to­place ony­our­back­ground fab­ric–the­bodysec­tion first,then­the­headand fi­nal­lythe­face. STEP5 Us­ingthe tem­plateasagu­ide,draw on­fa­cial de­tails us­ing a water-sol­u­ble marker. Fillinthee­ye­sand­nose wit h bl a c k s ati n stit c h, addin­gatiny whitestitc­hin the­cen­tre­ofea­choneto createa‘catch­light’ef­fect. Use whipped back­stitch fortheeard­e­tails,and rando mstraight­stitches toad­dtex­ture­tothe cen­tre­ofthe­face. STEP6 Pho­to­copy the­flower­bor­derand back­groundte mplate and­po­si­tiony­our­fab­ri­con top.tapeit­toa win­dowor use­alight box,and­trace theantlers, moun­tain back­groun­dand­flower bor­deron­tothe­fab­ric with a water-sol­u­ble marker. You may havetofree­hand dra w thep­art­sthatcross­over­the deer,ifthe­feltistoot­h­ick. STEP 7 Stretch­fabricin­toa hoop,ready­toad­dstitched de­tails.it’sa­goo­d­ideato work­i­nalarg­er20c mor 23cmhoop­for­this,as­the flower­bor­der­would­sit tooclos­e­totheedge­sof an18cmhoop(whichis­the size you’ll use­for­fra ming). Stit c h t h el e af-li k e a ntl ers in­to­placetofin­ishoffthe deer. Makearowof back­stitch­esa­longthe cen­tre­ofea­chone,and thenad­dalazy daisys­titch to ma­keeach­leaf. STEP8 Be­gin­sewing the­flowerand­toad­stool bor­der­sinto place, us­ing thestitchg­uideto­help,or work­ingy­ourown­favourite e mbroi­derys­titches in­stead. When­the­flow­ers areco mplete,stitchthe treesand moun­tain­sus­ing a mix­ture of­s­traight­stitch, back­stitc­hand whipped back­stitch. Pick­thread colourstha­t blend with your­back­groun­dan­dare alit­tle more mut­edthan tho­seinthe­flower­bor­der. STEP 9 Ifyou’dlike acolour­ful­fra me, brush alayer of acrylic paint onto the18cmem­broi­dery hoop.leave­todry,then rub­gently with­sand­pa­per tos mooththesu­r­face. Re­peat­twice­more. STEP10 Dam­p­eny­our fab­ric­tore moveanysol­u­ble m ar k erli n es t h at ar e still visi bl e, t h e nir o nit fl at. Care­fullystret­ch­in­tothe paint­ed­hoopandtig­hten the­screw.tri mawayex­cess fab­ric­toleave­abor­der 2-3cmwide­allthe­way around.se­wa­li­ne­oflarge run­ningstitch­esaroundth­e edge,pulltight­to­gather andthen­knot­tose­cure. STEP11 Cutou­ta17cm cir­cle of white­felt. Brush as­tripof­p­vaglue,1-2cm wide,aroundthe­outer edges.press­downover the­back­ofthe­hoopto hidey­ourstitchi­n­gand the­gath­ered­edges.

Gath­ery­our­sup­plies ²15cmem­broi­dery hoop ²25x25c mneu­tral linen­fab­ric ²Soft,sharp­pen­cil ²Steel­ruler ²Cir­cle of card, 2.5c m dia me­ter ²D Mc­strand­ed­cofton in­pewter Grey317, Medi­umyel­low­green 3347, Hunter Green 3346an­d­light­for­est Green164 ²An­chorstrand­ed coftonin35­5(dark brown),309(light brown)and890(sand) ²Ta­pes­try nee­dle ²Match­ingsewing thread ²Scrap pa­per ²180gweight­pa­perin dark­green ²Glue­gu­nandglue ²Ba­sic­sewing­sup­plies

Here’s ho w

STEP1 Se­cure­fab­ric be­tween­the­hoops.place arulerver­ti­cal­ly­down­the cen­tre­ofthe­fab­ric,then makea markat1c man­dat

1 4 c m. W hil e t h e r ul eris still in­place, makean­other mark at10c m. Mea­sure­and mark 5c m out hor­i­zon­tally at ei­ther­side­ofthe10cm mark,then­jointhe dots with­linesto create 2tri­an­gle­shapes.

STEP 2 Po­si­tion­car­d­cir­cle on­the­line­be­tween­the tri­an­gle­sand­drawaround it. This will mark wherethe pa­per­suc­cu­len­tis placed and­should­bekept­freeof any e mbroi­derys­titches. STEP3 Us­ing3s­trand­sof Pewter Greyem­broi­dery thread, back­stitch over­the drawn­linestocre­atean o utli n e f or t h e t err ari u m. STEP4 Createtem­plates forthe­leaves by dra wing leaf­shapes on­to­scrap pa­perand­cut­tingthem out. Ar­range on­the­fab­ric, drawaround­them. Draw on­spikyleaf­frondsabov­e the marked­cir­cle­forthe pa­per­suc­cu­lent.

STEP 5 Us­ingsatin­stitch, em­broi­derthe­leavesus­ing Medi­umyel­low­green thread­forth­elow­er­leaves, Hunter Green­thread­for the­cen­tral­leavesand Light For­est Green­thread forthe­up­per­leaves. STEP 6 Uses­traight stitc­hand Hunter Green thread­toem­broi­derthe spikyfrond­s.

STEP7 Fil­l­low­er­tri­an­gle with­french­knots, wrap­pingth­readaround the­nee­dle7or8­timesto co mplete each­stitch. Use dark bro wn­thread­for bot­tomand­mid­dle,and both­light­brown­threadand sandthrea­datthetop. STEP 8 Forthe­suc­cu­lent, cut out 25 8 x 2c mstrips of crepepa­per, mak­ing­sure the­grain­ofthep­a­per­runs alongth­e­length.shape each­strip­by­holdin­gi­tat both­end­sandtwist­ing t wi c e u ntilit r es e m bl es abow­shape.

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