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What’s the point of a lily in your gar­den if you can’t bring bunches of these grace­ful flow­ers inside to give per­fume and style to your in­doors!

• Choose stems when buds are swelling but not yet open.

• Cut at a 90-de­gree an­gle.

• Re­move leaves that will be be­low the wa­ter line.

• Add a small tea­spoon of sugar to wa­ter to en­cour­age buds to open.

• Trim stems and re­place wa­ter and sugar daily.

For you to note

Lily an­thers hold­ing pollen on the top of sta­mens look dra­matic, but the pollen is no­to­ri­ous for stain­ing table­cloths or clothes. Don’t rub or scrape fallen pollen or it will spread. In­stead, re­move with sticky tape. Or, cut off an­thers, as this won’t af­fect a flower’s longevity.

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