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I’VE been a pro­fes­sional driver for the best part of a decade now, some would prob­a­bly say I’m still wet be­hind the ears but I like to think I’ve learnt a lot along the way.

I’ve hauled nine-me­tre wide loads out of Kal­go­or­lie, dragged triples across the ter­ri­tory, pulled the cur­tains on to many loads of gen­eral to re­mem­ber and now I’m cart­ing live­stock.

It’s not al­ways an easy in­dus­try to get a start in and as with many who en­ter the in­dus­try I started off with a cou­ple of mon­grel bosses in rough gear that of­ten let me down, but they got me started and in hind­sight it was bet­ter that I broke their gear while I was cut­ting my teeth than some­one else’s.

Hav­ing grown up dur­ing the ’80s, within ear shot of the Hume; the old Hume the way it was with the mate­ship, ca­ma­raderie and “trucks only after dark” at­ti­tudes, and hoe­ing into too many late night ham­burg­ers in Gas Al­ley, I am acutely aware of the no­tion of hav­ing “diesel in your veins” but also that as a cul­ture, we are sadly mis­un­der­stood and of­ten mis­rep­re­sented.

In 2009, rather than whinge and moan about me­dia mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion, I went about set­ting up the Di­ary of a Truck Driver we­blog (DoaTD.com), an at­tempt to bal­ance the scales a lit­tle and por­tray a more ac­cu­rate de­pic­tion of the in­ter­state driv­ers life.

Through my some­time ir­reg­u­lar lit­er­ary ram­blings that have fol­lowed my jour­ney the length and breadth of the na­tion, images cap­tured of the ever chang­ing vista out­side my of­fice win­dow and more

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