Fuel strike big ‘waste of time’


A WASTE of time is how truck­ies have la­belled a grand­mother’s call for a na­tional fuel strike.

Sab­rina La­mont called for the Fed­eral Govern­ment to re­move the bur­den of ex­cise and taxes.

Jim Kesby said it was a “waste of time”.

“Fuel com­pa­nies know we’ll fuel up the day be­fore and it will make no dif­fer­ence to the bot­tom line,” he said.

Josh Bur­dett asked what she thought if it did hap­pen.

“Where is all that money that was go­ing to the govern­ment for roads and spend­ing go­ing to come from? More taxes? Up the GST? Take it off pen­sion­ers or small busi­ness own­ers?”

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