Right hand lane ban


TRUCK driv­ers have had their say on the right hand lane ban on the Monash Free­way.

Joel Tayn­ton said he had never been to Vic­to­ria, but through the Gold Coast there was a sim­i­lar ban on the high­way.

“Just gives me a headache from all the car driv­ers who can’t do the speed limit and whilst there’s an empty lane to the right we can’t use it,” he said.

Bob Prideaux said cars “chop­ping in from the left and cars dodg­ing out of the exit in front of trucks” were cre­at­ing is­sues.

“At least in the right-hand lane a truck can keep at con­stant speed,” he said.

Peter Haack sug­gested a “heavy ve­hi­cle only lane” might have some merit.

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