Truck­ies ap­plaud NZ mates


AUCK­LAND truck­ies who’d had enough of ris­ing fuel prices took to the high­way to protest their anger.

A con­voy of more than 100 trucks was “bumperto-bumper” on the North­ern Mo­tor­way, dis­rupt­ing traf­fic.

Or­gan­iser Rob Ryan, the owner of RNB Trans­port, told New Zealand me­dia the truck­ies who were protest­ing “wanted to keep dis­rup­tion to a min­i­mum but were run­ning out of op­tions to get their voices heard”.

Aus­tralian truck­ies con­grat­u­lated their friends over the ditch for their ac­tions.

Sun­shine Tr­ish Rogers said: “They need to be do­ing it here in Aus­tralia also.”

Melissa Wheeler agreed, say­ing: “(That’s the) only way to do it. Aus­tralia, get in line, we need to start.”

James Swan­ton said he thought it was time they stepped up “in this coun­try too, since the price of fuel here now too”.

But not all driv­ers were sup­port­ive of the idea of a protest.

Xavier Fatz Hol­guin said “that protest does noth­ing be­cause a trucker can eas­ily be re­placed”.

Mark Mee­han said fuel would only in­crease in price and with huge de­mands it would never go down.

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