Top tips to man­age main­te­nance risk


THE new mas­ter code of prac­tice is your new best friend when it comes to main­te­nance risk man­age­ment, be­lieves its tech­ni­cal writer Sean Minto.

Minto joined code man­ager Peter El­liot to give TMC2018 del­e­gates an in­sider’s take on how it can help you com­ply with the gen­eral safety duty un­der the new chain of compliance laws.

Af­ter much con­sul­ta­tion with in­dus­try, they’ve de­vel­oped a sim­ple four-step method.

But be­fore you be­gin, Minto said it’s vi­tal that you have a thor­ough un­der­stand­ing of ex­actly what your var­i­ous trans­port ac­tiv­i­ties en­tail and how they im­pact on pub­lic safety.

“It’s im­por­tant be­cause dif­fer­ent tasks will have dif­fer­ent haz­ards and risks in how they con­trol trans­port ac­tiv­ity,” he said.

Af­ter that he ad­vises you de­ter­mine your ex­act role in the chain of re­spon­si­bil­ity and how your role can in­flu­ence and con­trol the trans­port ac­tiv­ity. Both the mas­ter code and the CoR gap as­sess­ment tool can as­sist with that process, he said.

“Then you should doc­u­ment that. I call it the trans­port ac­tiv­ity reg­is­ter, but you can call it what­ever you like.”

Now you’re ready to work through the sim­ple four-step risk as­sess­ment process. Step 1: Iden­tify haz­ards Any­thing that could po­ten­tially cause harm or loss. Minto sug­gests ask­ing the per­son do­ing the job, ob­serv­ing the task your­self, con­sult­ing with other CoR par­ties and by re­view­ing re­ports. Step 2: As­sess risks Con­sider how the haz­ard could cause harm or loss. How could some­one be hurt, or dam­age oc­cur. Also con­sider your ex­ist­ing con­trols to min­imise the risk. Step 3: Con­trol risks Min­imise the risk by work­ing your way through what’s called the hi­er­ar­chy of con­trol. The code has more de­tails.

Step 4: Mon­i­tor and re­view con­trols

Take a reg­u­lar look at the con­trols you have in place to en­sure they’re work­ing.

Tech­ni­cal writer Sean Minto.

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