Alan Lever

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ALL that Alan Lever ever wanted to do was drive a truck.

Im­pa­tience over­rid­ing le­gal­ity, Alan hitch-hiked to Bris­bane where he didn’t need to pro­duce a birth cer­tifi­cate, put his age up by three years and gained his li­cence.

When asked if he was 14 and put his age up to 17, or in fact he was 17 and put his age up to 20, Alan’s re­sponse was “we won’t go there”.

“My brother, Doug had, at least got his li­cence legally. I re­mem­ber we got pulled up in Vic­to­ria one time by a greatly re­spected po­lice­man, Char­lie Sin­clair,” he said.

“Char­lie used to come up to Lake Illawarra all the time and knew mum and dad. He said ‘Je­sus! You boys are twins, yeah? Your mother must have been aw­fully sick when she had you two’. I said ‘but you knew that, Char­lie’.

“He said, ‘I did, but look­ing at your li­cences here, there’s three years dif­fer­ence in your ages. That’s one hell of a preg­nancy!’

“It was a dif­fer­ent world back then.”

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