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The les­son here is – make sure you end the calls.

Beards ma­tur­ing

AS SPY gets around places fre­quented by many truck­ies, I no­tice scores of them have im­pres­sive beards grow­ing.

Espe­cially the lads with grey hair and the rea­son is ob­vi­ous. It may be Oc­to­ber, but it’s also not far off Christ­mas.

Some of these truck­ies be­come Santa Claus in the few weeks lead­ing up to De­cem­ber 25. The beards I have seen are ma­tur­ing nicely.

Facebook ap­pear­ance

THERE is no doubt­ing that so­cial me­dia can spread the word quickly as one of our cor­re­spon­dents dis­cov­ered.

This gent has never been on Facebook and reck­ons it is a younger gen­er­a­tion epidemic.

How­ever he changed his tune af­ter snap­ping some pic­tures for this fine pub­li­ca­tion be­side a busy road.

That af­ter­noon he was sit­ting on his ve­randa en­joy­ing a cold ale when a woman walk­ing a dog went past.

“I saw you on Facebook tak­ing pic­tures of a fel­low next to the road,” she said.

Within a few hours sev­eral oth­ers made sim­i­lar com­ments.

It seems some­body driv­ing past or who had stopped took a pic­ture of our writer and his sub­ject and put it on Facebook.

Skate­boarder’s dan­ger­ous act

THERE was a Tas­ma­nian truckie driv­ing along mind­ing his own busi­ness and abid­ing by the speed limit when the un­ex­pected oc­curred.

From what seemed like nowhere, a youth ap­peared from a side street about 10m in front of him.

To avoid any chance of hit­ting the skate­boarder, the driver slammed on his brakes.

A smart de­ci­sion con­sid­er­ing the youth fell of his skate­board on the road.

Then he started laugh­ing, as if the in­ci­dent which could have claimed his life or in­jured him was funny.

Bright Spark snaps

BE­ING a Spy who has to cover the en­tire coun­try, this old timer cer­tainly needs a few sub agents who pass on info and on the odd oc­ca­sion pic­tures.

A bit like Maxwell Smart’s Agent 99 from the old tele­vi­sion se­ries Get Smart.

With sin­cere grat­i­tude, Spy has found a sim­i­lar agent although in the in­ter­ests of ac­cu­racy of a dif­fer­ent gen­der to that lov­able 99.

For rea­sons known to Spy and he, for which we both have more than the odd chuckle, this agent goes un­der the name of the “Bright Spark”.

Last week he pro­duced a spark of bril­liance when he snapped a pic­ture of a mas­sive min­ing truck be­ing trans­ported east of Mount Isa in the Queens­land out­back.

His pic­ture is pub­lished with this col­umn and read­ers can for­ward to more sub­mis­sions from this cham­pion ap­pren­tice spy.

Scot­tish truck­ing

A TRANS­PORT in­dus­try lad who has been lucky enough to snare a few weeks off to have a hol­i­day in Eng­land and Scot­land was kind enough to send me a pic­ture of a Volvo he came across.

It was one of a fleet run by Fer­gu­son Ship­ping and Trans­port and had pulled up at a BP servo at Ford Wil­liam in Scot­land.

“The driver was named John and he ei­ther said he lived at or was on his way to The Isle of Skye,” the snap­per emailed me.

Sealed for hope

WHAT had been Queens­land’s most heav­ily traf­ficked gravel road to Hope Vale com­mu­nity in the far north has now been fully sealed.

The En­deav­our Val­ley Road con­nect­ing Cooktown to Hope Vale is about 40km long and has been sealed in sec­tions over the years.

This work also pro­vided valu­able train­ing and up­skilling op­por­tu­ni­ties for some Hope Vale work­ers.

About 1500 peo­ple live at Hope Vale, and the trav­ellers on the road used to tol­er­ate dust and pot­holes on the un­sealed parts.

It was of­ten closed in the wet sea­son and trucks sup­ply the com­mu­nity and the fully sealed sur­face is a big bonus for them.

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GET SMART: Feel­ing a bit like Agent 99, our mate Bright Spark snapped this one.

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