Ian Clif­ford


“I WISH you had caught up with me a bit ear­lier as I had one very large im­pres­sive over­size dozer on the back!”

Ian Clif­ford from Mar­gate told us when we caught up with him at the Ep­ping For­est Cal­tex when he dropped in for a re­fresh­ment break.

He was on his re­turn leg from the Devon­port wharf back to Ho­bart driv­ing an eye catch­ing Tas­ma­nian Heavy Haulage T-650 with a 580 Cum­mins up front, and he was tow­ing a “two rows of eight” dolly and a “three rows of eight” float with a Mit­subishi truck on the back at the time.

“I’ve been here with this out­fit now for five-and-a-half years,” he said.

“And they are a great out­fit to work for, and they have looked af­ter me and they run only top gear, so reckon I am pretty happy all up.

“I was pre­vi­ously with Hazell Broth­ers and I have been on the road all up about 35 years, so you can see I have al­ways worked for the best out­fits, and it’s al­ways been a great job, so no re­grets at all!”

He added that it had taken Big Rigs 40 years to catch up with him, and it would be good to see his face in the pa­per at last.

Time off, he tells us: “I en­joy mak­ing out­door fur­ni­ture, but when I’m not do­ing that I take it as easy as pos­si­ble!”

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