Brad Dewis


“WE’LL have to make this quick, as I’ve got to catch the Spirit of Tas­ma­nia tonight to get these two trail­ers off to Melbourne, so this is just a quick dash into the Ep­ping For­est Cal­tex for a re­fresh­ment break, and then get on with my re­turn leg to Devon­port from Ho­bart,” Brad Dewis, from Devon­port, told us the other day.

He was driv­ing a DeBruyn’s 2017 540 Euro V FM Volvo and tow­ing a B-dou­ble at the time.

“I have been with them (DeBruyn’s) for about 20 months now, and I reckon it’s a great job, cer­tainly they are look­ing af­ter me,” he said.

“I’ve been on the road all up for about 14 good years, and while it, like all jobs, has its mo­ments, all and all it’s a great job and I have no re­grets at all.

“Cer­tainly I am lik­ing this Volvo, it does the job nicely, is com­fort­able and a plea­sure to drive, it han­dles like a big sedan car and you get there with­out break­ing your back!”

Brad tells us he spends his spare time tak­ing the kids out ad­ven­tur­ing, and tak­ing it easy!

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