Richard Lynch


TWENTY-one-year-old Cad­han Palmer is about to get the key to the door of the Townsville de­pot of a small busi­ness run by Richard Lynch.

Richard owns NQ Taut­liner Re­pairs and drives an Isuzu FFR 525 around the North Queens­land re­gion, trav­el­ling be­tween Glad­stone and Cairns, bas­ing him­self in Townsville.

“We do all re­pairs on taut­lin­ers as well as re­pair and re­place rear doors, and also fit new cur­tains with sig­nage,” he said.

I saw Richard and his as­sis­tant Cad­han do­ing a job on a truck at the BP Clu­den Road­house park­ing area on Oc­to­ber 19.

“I have em­ployed eight or nine young fel­lows as as­sis­tants over the years and Cad­han has proved to be the best. In the new year Cad­han will ser­vice our Townsville cus­tomers when­ever I’m out of town,” Richard said.

The busi­ness was es­tab­lished in early 2013 af­ter Richard recog­nised a need for a fully mo­bile ser­vice for taut­liner re­pairs in the North Queens­land re­gion.

It is a fully mo­bile ser­vice and in most cases the cur­tain does not need to be re­moved, which means less down­time.

“We carry on board spare parts, rollers, buck­les, lower straps/hooks, roof straps and more. We sup­ply and fit new cur­tains, re­pair and re­place rear doors, patch holes in roofs and much more,” Richard said.

Richards’ cus­tomer base has grown mainly by word of mouth.

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