Neil’s late brush with cops


“I TURNED 19 in the Jan­uary and a month later I got my truck li­cence. One Sat­ur­day night one of the driv­ers got sick and Bruce McPhee gave me my first trip to Syd­ney in a FR700 Mack with a sleeper cab (yee har!), which was a lux­u­ri­ous truck in its day,” Neil Hay­ward said.

“Within two months they gave me my own truck… I re­mem­ber mov­ing my fur­ni­ture in an Eas­toes van, atop a load of mar­garine at 3am. I was pretty pleased with my­self un­til the cops turned up, ac­cus­ing me of rob­bing the house. I mean, who would be stupid enough to rob a house in a com­pany van? I had to ex­plain to them that I was mov­ing to Queens­land.

“Noth­ing wrong with a bit of back load­ing is there?”

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