What do you rate as the worst road in Aus­tralia?

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TRUCKIE James Finn reck­ons Bal­larto Road at Clyde would be in the run­ning for the worst road in Aus­tralia.

“I have touched mir­rors with other trucks be­fore,” he said.

“It’s worst when trucks com­ing the other way get far over in the shoul­der then sw­erve back onto the road and then put you in the rock to avoid them. Hap­pens all the time on this bloody road.”

James was just one of many who shared their thoughts on what was Aus­tralia’s worst road to drive on on the Big Rigs Face­book page.

Af­ter all, truck­ies drive all around Aus­tralia so who would have bet­ter knowl­edge?

Ja­son Wynne nom­i­nated the Cook High­way in be­tween Cairns and Laura in the wet – “Bog holes are big enough to sink a prime mover above the axles”.

“I had to leave it there un­til we could get a dozer to scull drag it out three weeks later,” he said.

Steve Camil­leri said the South Gipp­s­land High­way from Cran­bourne-Bass High­way In­ter­change needed re-con­struc­tion and was rough on equip­ment.

Of course, truck­ies also com­plained about the usual sus­pects – the Bruce High­way and the Newell High­way.

Peter Jen­ner said both high­ways were “rough as guts”, didn’t have enough over­tak­ing lanes, had too many tourists that don’t know how to drive, rest bays full of vans and “more deaths than any other roads in Aus­tralia”.

“In say­ing that though there are some rougher roads out there, mainly road train routes.”

Nathan An­drews was of the view that “Aus­tralian roads are all crap, ex­cept for the dirt roads”.

“Do we re­ally need to ex­plain why? OK the bi­tu­men/con­crete roads are just poor in the ini­tial lay­ing and have more patch jobs then the grand­moth­ers patch­work quilt. Dirt roads seem much bet­ter as they get main­tained with grad­ing more reg­u­lar.”

It was Queens­land roads that were a “joke” to Tracey Wil­son.

“I just love the way they fix them, re­duce speed, 80km, 60km, rough sur­face,” she said.

“The gov­ern­ment is big on work health and safety, well a road is a truckie’s work place and yet it is un­safe to drive on with the amount of bumps.

“They are happy to bring in Chain of Re­spon­si­bil­ity, yet they don’t take any re­spon­si­bil­ity.

“When an ac­ci­dent hap­pens, it’s the driver’s fault.”


WORST ROADS: Of course, the Bruce High­way rated as one of the worst with truck­ies.

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