TMR li­cence scan­dal shocks truck­ies


TRUCKIE Johnno Matthews was shocked when his multi-com­bi­na­tion li­cence was re­voked.

“We played by the rules and did ev­ery­thing that was ex­pected of us and now they’re say­ing it’s not good enough,” he said.

“This is just out­ra­geous. It cost me $1600 to get this li­cence and now I have to spend that again if I want to get it back?”

Big Rigs read­ers were shocked too. Mar­ion Jansen said: “If this per­son’ s driv­ing record is not tes­ta­ment to ‘com­pli­ance’... then it looks bad for the rest of the truck­ies who have been ‘com­pli­ant’ for many years... what a lot of dou­ble-stan­dard fooey”.

Daniel Hodgess asked: “If TMR lists the train­ing group as au­tho­rised train­ers, isn’t that the con­sumer’s guar­an­tee? Un­less the train­ers op­er­ated without au­thor­ity, then why re­voke a stu­dent’s li­cence?”

Clem Wheat­ley de­scribed it as “bu­reau­cratic bas­tardry”.

“TMR would of re­viewed the as­sess­ment ma­te­rial that the train­ing or­gan­i­sa­tion would of sub­mit­ted for this driver be­fore they is­sued the up­graded li­cence,” he said.

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