Ian Craig


“THIS is cer­tainly a sur­prise. I never ex­pected to see my­self in Big Rigs.”

Ian Craig, from Geeve­ston, ran into us at Crav­ings Take Aways in Der­went Park Road at Der­went Park in Ho­bart.

He was driv­ing a Dover Car­ri­ers 2002 Isuzu Giga CX2 at the time, with a taut­liner, and he had just nipped in for a quick cuppa be­tween show­ers be­fore set­ting off back to Geeve­ston with a load of gen­eral.

“I’ve been here for four years now since I moved down to Geeve­ston, in fact, do­ing a cou­ple of days a week, which suits me down to the ground, just per­fect,” he said.

“Great peo­ple to work for, good gear, a good boss, and I like the truck, great for this job. I reckon I’ve been on the road about 38 years or so, all up, and that in­cludes 12 years as an owner driver. No re­grets at all, other than never win­ning lotto, and that’s not much to com­plain about.”

We asked him about time off. He said there wouldn’t be any of that un­til he fin­ished build­ing his house.

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