Nick Har­vey


STOP­PING for a cuppa at Mood Food, we were able to get into the road­house there with­out a has­sle other than skirt­ing the new take-away food unit out the back.

Here we caught up with our old mate Nick Har­vey from Brighton when he rolled in for a cuppa and a bite to eat driv­ing his some­what eye-catch­ing GT 4 Wheel drive Hino fer­tiliser spreader.

Nick was on his way from Im­pact at Bridge­wa­ter to a place near Both­well with a load of fer­tiliser and ni­tro­gen for a 120 hectare poppy crop, his sec­ond trip for the day, do­ing 60 hectares at a time.

“Well John re­tired seven years ago and that has left me run­ning the out­fit. My sis­ter Re­nee is work­ing with me, in fact she is cur­rently down at Salt Wa­ter River at the mo­ment, and there is an­other driver out spread­ing fer­tiliser as well,” Nick said.

“For my­self, well I have been on the road now since I turned 17 with an ex­emp­tion, and that’s 12 years ago.

“Our main fo­cus is spread­ing su­per­phos­phate all over south­ern Tas­ma­nia, and that in­cludes work­ing in some amaz­ing lo­ca­tions.

“I still re­ally love the job, trucks and be­ing out there do­ing some­thing, be it on the road, or out in some­one’s pad­dock.

“Mind you, like ev­ery­one we have our off days and are al­ways bat­tling for de­cent rates, but on the whole I have never had any real re­grets.”

Asked about what he did dur­ing his time off, Nick replied: “In just one word, main­te­nance!”

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