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① “The cover is about the rise in neg­a­tive sen­ti­ment against Big Busi­ness and what that means for it.”

“Who’s say­ing things against Big Busi­ness?”

“Just about ev­ery pres­i­den­tial can­di­date and the peo­ple who sup­port them. So pretty much ev­ery­one.”

“It’s hard to hear the cries of un­rest through the thick glass on our floor-to-ceil­ing win­dows over­look­ing the city.”

“We could be con­sid­ered a big busi­ness, yes.”

“What if the word ‘busi­ness’ in our logo was what peo­ple were at­tack­ing?”

② “What is that dog do­ing?”

“He’s pee­ing on ‘busi­ness.’ Not sure if we can find a dog that can pee on cue. We’re go­ing to have to shoot the legs of the dog and hire a CGI artist to add the pee.”

③ ( to CGI artist) “Hello, we have an ur­gent as­sign­ment. We need a re­al­is­tic pee stream to be added to a dog with his leg up. It should be a sturdy stream and have some splash­ing when it hits its tar­get.”

( CGI artist hangs up)

“I’ll call him back. This hap­pens more of­ten than you’d think.”

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