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“The cover story is about Big Pharma.”

“Uh-oh, here we go. What are they do­ing now? Sell­ing chil­dren’s med­i­ca­tion with po­ten­tially deadly side ef­fects? Rais­ing prices of life­sav­ing drugs be­yond the reach of the mid­dle class?”

“I was go­ing to say they’re do­nat­ing to char­i­ties that help peo­ple with their co­pays.”

“WOW! Mind blown. Big Pharma re­ally does care. Shame on me for not giv­ing them the ben­e­fit of the doubt.”

“If you’ll just let me fin­ish. Af­ter they do­nate to the char­i­ties, they man­age to make that money back from the gov­ern­ment many times over.”

“Oh. So they’re rob­bing the gov­ern­ment?”

“They’re not rob­bing the gov­ern­ment. Ev­ery­thing is per­fectly le­gal.”

“That’s more tech­ni­cally cor­rect. But they’re more specif­i­cally here to help you help them make a bunch of money through char­i­ties that make them look good.”

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