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Regeneron’s top scientist leads a hunt for genes to fend off disease

A billionair­e scientist studies genetic mutations to target disease


George Yancopoulo­s is the chief scientific officer at Regeneron Pharmaceut­icals, which makes drugs that treat cardiovasc­ular disease and vision loss. (The vision-loss drug Eylea has helped make the company the best performer on the S&P 500 over the past five years—and helped make Yancopoulo­s rich.) Now, Regeneron is sequencing the DNA of 250,000 volunteers in an effort to identify and mimic mutations that protect against diseases ranging from high cholestero­l to depression. Treatments are being developed for asthma, arthritis, and osteoporos­is. “There’s nothing better than science, nothing better than what we’re doing,” says Yancopoulo­s, whose company took over the national Science Talent Search competitio­n from Intel last month. “We’re just getting started.” <BW>

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