Bloomberg Businessweek (Asia)

How the cover gets made


“The cover will be for our second Global Tech issue.”

“What’s going to be in it?”

“A diverse group of stories, ranging from a tech lab in Egypt, to a do-it-all app in China, to a DIY workshop in Australia. One of our biggest stories takes place here in the U.S., where Larry Page is investing more than $100 million of his own money in a company developing a flying car.”

“Wow! I can’t wait to see what this thing looks like. Can we get a photo for the cover?”

“Yes, the writer is calling Larry’s office about it now.”

[One week later] “When can we see the photo?”

“They never returned our call.”

“Typical. Well, I’m sure we can get an artist to make an educated guess.”

[To artist] “Hello, we need to imagine a design for a flying car. One of the most powerful men in technology is backing it, and more than $100 million has been invested. Think of this design as the most realistic and most futuristic vision of the next evolution of personal transporta­tion.”

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