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Election 2016: On the left, pondering life after Sanders


Bernie Sanders has promised to work hard to defeat Donald Trump, but he’s given no sign when—or if—he’ll embrace Hillary Clinton. Many of his supporters are equally hesitant. In a June 14 Bloomberg poll, only 55 percent of them said they would vote for Clinton; 22 percent will vote for Trump, and others will back Libertaria­n Gary Johnson or the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Here’s their reasoning. Joshua Green and Sahil Kapur

“I cannot bring myself to vote for another establishm­ent politician like Hillary.”

Homemaker Laura Armes, 43, of Beeville, Texas. She plans to vote for Trump.

“She’s definitely the lesser of two evils, but I don’t trust her.”

Government worker Bako Nguasong, 31, of Washington. She says she doesn’t know whether she’ll vote in November.

“It makes a lot of sense strategica­lly to vote for Stein.”

Community organizer Eric Brooks, 52, of San Francisco, a Green Party member. He hopes Stein can break 5 percent of the vote to qualify the party for federal funding.

“You’re choosing between fascism and oligarchy.”

Nonprofit worker Perry Mitchell, 31, of Baltimore. He plans to vote for Stein.

“A true Bernie fan would be stupid not to vote for a Democrat.”

Nonprofit outreach coordinato­r Albert Arevalo, 27, originally of Brownsvill­e, Texas. He says the Democratic Party needs to unify to defeat Trump.

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