That doesn’t al­ways mean plan­ning some­thing elab­o­rate. How two Bloomberg Busi­ness­week staffers spent re­cent evenings.

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Bryant Urstadt Editor, Steph Curry wannabe

When I need to bring my fam­ily to­gether, we have to leave the house. It’s hard to gel in­side our apart­ment: There are screens on the walls, on the desks, hid­den in the sofa, and we quickly sep­a­rate into four in­di­vid­ual nodes on the net. One of our fa­vorite ac­tiv­i­ties is basketball. It re­quires just about no plan­ning, which is help­ful since my wife and I both work. Last week, my wife, son, and daugh­ter went to the park to play. My son is per­fect­ing his six-pointer, which is a heave from 200 feet away, and it takes prac­tice. My job is re­turn­ing the ball to him af­ter he shoots. Sometimes, we all at­tempt a game to­gether, but mostly we at­tempt im­pos­si­ble shots. (I like to try to score from be­hind the bas­ket. It never works.) With­out re­ally pay­ing at­ten­tion to it, we come to­gether, and then we go get frozen yo­gurt.

Caro­line Win­ter Writer, poo­dle walker

Sum­mer is the sea­son of Freizeit­stress, a Ger­man word that de­scribes the (some­what ab­surd) twin anx­i­eties of be­ing over­sched­uled and won­der­ing whether we’re us­ing our free time to the fullest. Which, as some­one who gets ex­hausted from go­ing out af­ter work too many nights in a row, I try to avoid—of­ten un­suc­cess­fully. For ex­am­ple: On a re­cent Tues­day, my boyfriend and I went to the Ja­panese Gar­den Cen­ten­nial cel­e­bra­tion in Brook­lyn’s Botanic Gar­den, where I met sev­eral of his rel­a­tives. It was nice to be out­side, strolling. Jazz pi­anist Toshiko Akiyoshi played Frank Si­na­tra’s

It Was a Very Good Year. The next night, we saw a friend’s gui­tar con­cert. On Thurs­day, I was sup­posed to go to a mag­a­zine launch party—sorry!—but went to yoga in­stead, be­cause I lose my mind if I don’t get ex­er­cise dur­ing the week. Fri­day I went to see a friend’s new apart­ment and took his 6-month-old poo­dle, Sasha, for a walk—a nice, low-key start to what was, of course, a week­end of Freizeit­stress.

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